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Gary "Kruser" Kruse lost his battle with cancer Saturday - February 23, 2013. He was a wonderful man and will be missed by all that met him and had the pleasure to know him.

He is survived by his long-time companion and loving wife Louise; two sons, Kyle and Bradley; brother William (Tina) and sister Sherrill (Robert) Knill.

This memorial page is currently being worked on and in the process. Please visit us again to view any additional pictures that have been posted (there are many)!

If you have any pictures you would like to share, please email us.

If anyone would like to send a message to Kruser and his family, click here.

Click on any picture below to see the full view.

Kruser/Stilettoescolors2.jpg Kruser/Stilettoescolors1.jpg Kruser/Stilettoescolors.jpg Kruser/Stilettoes50s.jpg
Kruser/stilettoes.jpg Kruser/Kruserwithglasses-CloseUpA.jpeg Kruser/Kruser_with_group_2011A.jpg Kruser/Kruser_Slappy_Jack.jpg
Kruser/Kruser_singing.jpg Kruser/Kruser_Hightone_party.jpg Kruser/kruser_with_louise.jpg Kruser/Shapiro_PartyB.jpg
Kruser/Shapiro_Party_2010.JPG Kruser/Shapiro_Party.jpg Kruser/LeadEast2011C.jpg Kruser/LeadEast2011B.jpg
Kruser/LeadEast2011A.jpg Kruser/Kruser_at_Hightone.JPG Kruser/Kruser_at_Car_Show.JPG Kruser/Kruser_and_Louise.jpg
Kruser/Kruser_2011.jpg Kruser/KruserWithGroup_2011.JPG Kruser/KruserWithGroup_2010.jpg Kruser/KruserKaraoke_Year.jpg
Kruser/KruserKaraoke_2011.jpg Kruser/KruserGalaxy.jpg Kruser/KruserAtParty_2010.JPG Kruser/kruser_with_glasses.jpg

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